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Division of Work and Organisational Psychology


Work and Organisational psychology involves the study of human behaviour in the workplace. It is also referred to as industrial or occupational psychology. Since work comprises a significant role in most individuals’ lives, it is an area of psychology that is relevant to a very large and diverse population. Psychologists working in this area recognise the importance of relationships between individuals, groups, organisations and society and aim to inform organisations and employers on how to build workplaces that foster optimal performance and well-being. Work and Organisational psychologists work in both public and private sector organisations, but they also work in private practice or on a consultancy basis. They can often be found working in Human Resources departments but, wherever they work, they often deal with the following issues; recruitment, selection, training and development, career management and planning, interpersonal and group dynamics, stress management, team building and development, talent management as well as leadership coaching.

Currently, in Ireland, the division has 102 members, of which 72 are registered psychologists.

The DWOP membership application form can be downloaded from the left hand section of this webpage.

The committee meet on a monthly basis and in addition run continuing professioanl development events throughout the year.

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